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Dimitry Ivanov // Perl Developer // Ukraine, Kiev

phone: +38066-938-1344; e-mail: 2@ivanoff.org.ua; web-site: http://en.ivanoff.org.ua; skype: i.v.a.n.o.f.f

linkedin: http://ivanoff.org.ua/linkedin; GitHub: https://github.com/ivanoff; cmd: curl ivanoff.org.ua -A 'cv'


Perl, JavaScript, bash, jQuery, AngularJS; HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, SOAP; Asterisk PBX; MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Sybase, Oracle; Git, SVN; Mojolicious, SimplenessCMS, Catalyst, Dancer, Zend; Template Toolkit; Ubuntu, CentOS, OS Solaris; Apache HTTP server, Nginx, Memcached, Squid, Exim, Dovecot, Bind, ffmpeg, KVM, vsftp, Samba; Control-M, JIRA, Scrum methodology; Kdenlive, Blender, GIMP, Inkscape;

Working Experience

Senior Perl Developer ( Jun. 2013 - current, 2+ years ) / Argest group ( startup ) / Kiev, Ukraine

Creating Online Railway Ticket Service for the Ukrainian state-owned enterprise. 5000+ daily sales.

Skills used: Perl, bash; HTML, jQuery, Memcached, SOAP, JSON, XML; GIT; Ubuntu OS.

Senior Perl Developer, Configuration manager ( Oct. 2012 - Jun.2013, 9 month ) / Luxoft ( outsource company ) / Kiev, Ukraine

Outsource support and development for one of the largest international investment bank - German global banking and financial services company.

Skills used: Perl, bash; Sybase, Oracle; HTML, jQuery; SVN; Control-M; OS Ubuntu, Solaris, CentOS; JIRA, Collabnet Teamforge, BMC; Scrum methodology.

Lead Perl developer ( Jun. 2010 - Sep. 2011, 1+ year ) / SP Chizhov ( startup ) / Kiev, Ukraine

Creating of VOIP billing and VOIP call transfer system. 70k+ connections per day, using unique system of call transfer. Creating of system for centralized management of Linux and Windows OS, based on KVM virtual machines and screen recognition system.

Skills used: Perl, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SVN, OS Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Asterisk.

Junior Perl developer, Middle PHP developer ( Jun. 2008 - May.2010, 2 years ) / Information Holding 1559 ( call centre company ) / Kiev, Ukraine

Creating of Automatic Call Distribution system for offices and contact centres ( on average, 5000 incoming calls per day, abt. 90 in peak ). Creating of Outgoing call system ( 1M+ abonents ). Creating of Interactive Voice Response system, services of Weather Forecast by Phone, Alarm Clock by Phone and Currency Exchange Rates by Phone.

Skills used: Perl, PHP, bash, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Asterisk, git, Zend Framework, JavaScript, Ajax, CSS, HTML, XML, CVS, OS Ubuntu.

System Administrator, Senior University Teacher ( Oct. 2003 - May. 2008, 5 years ) / European University ( private university ) / Sevastopol, Ukraine

Open Source Projects

ACDwide (2014 - current); Simpleness CMS (2011 - current); Simpleness Parental Control (2013 - 2014); Simpleness Host (2012 - stalled).

I have spoken variously at YAPC::Europe, the Kiev Perl workshop and OSDN-UA-2013.

Additional information

Education: BEng in Computer Science. Sevastopol National Technical University, UA ( 1997 - 2002 ). Automation and computer engineering. 2002 - Specialist, 2001 - Bachelor degree in Computer Science.

Language skills: English: Intermediate, Ukrainian: Advanced, Russian: Native.

Volunteer experience: Jourfixe volunteer - Bulgakov House in Kiev, UA ( 2009 – current ); Spendiarov's International Composers Competition's sponsor - Yalta Music School, UA ( 2012 ).

Courses: Basics of Financial Markets. Investment Banking (2013)

Driving license: Clean, category B, 7+ years exp.